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Gynecologic Cancer Awareness Month

September is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month – are you aware?

Moraka has teamed up with our chosen charity Ovarian cancer NZ to help fund research and treatment for Gynaecological cancers. For each cup sold on our website in September Moraka will also donate a portion of our profits to our chosen

Ovarian cancer is the 5th most common cause of cancer death in New Zealand.

NZ’s 5 year survival rates are almost 5% worse than Australia.

8 in 10 women with ovarian cancer will be misdiagnosed.

Every year over 1000 wahine in New Zealand will be diagnosed with a gynaecological cancer. Gynaecological cancers include ovarian, cervical, uterine (also known as womb or endometrial), vulva and vaginal. Over 400 wahine die from a gynaecological cancer each year.

So you need to know when and what to ask.

If you are unable to get a public ultrasound, a private ultrasound costs $250-300.

Most women with symptoms won’t have ovarian cancer, but if you do, being tested quickly could save your life. It’s worth the peace of mind to rule it out.

Ovarian cancers and other related health issues pertinent to women are under-researched and underfunded.

For Ovarian Cancer Month Moraka has teamed up with Ovarian Cancer NZ for our 'blue' cup. Each cup comes with a Cure Ovarian Cancer sticker and information about how to seek healthcare for Ovarian Cancer or other related cancers.

Shop now and order a cup to fund research and treatment. Please share this post to spread awareness!

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