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How to clean a menstrual cup

Cleaning your menstrual cup before, during, and after your cycle is important for maintaining hygiene. Moraka has the 101 on how to clean your cup.

Before use at the beginning of your cycle and again after your cycle is complete, sterilize your cup.

  • One method of sterilizing is to put the cup in a glass container of water and boil it in the microwave for 3-4 minutes on high.

  • Alternatively, boil your cup in a saucepan of water on a stove element on high for 2 minutes.

During your cycle rinse or wipe your cup thoroughly before inserting again.

Once you are finished a cycle and using the menstrual cup, sterilize, and put the cup back in its reusable packaging for your next menstrual cycle.

Please change your cup within 4-8 hours to reduce the risk of TSS

We recommend avoiding scented soaps or washing to clean your cup as it can irritate your vagina.

Looking for sterilizing Milton tablets? Please let us know in the checkout if you'd like complimentary sterilizing cups.

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