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How To Use A Menstrual Cup

How to use a menstrual cup is one of the top results of google from menstrual cups.

I started my menstrual cup journey with the same questions. I remember feeling overwhelmed and scared trying a new period product. A few years on and now I can insert my cup as easily as waking up in the morning (perhaps even quicker)

Moraka cups are designed to be simple and fuss-free. Simply fold and insert. Done!

Cleaning your cup

Before use at the beginning of your cycle and again after your cycle is complete, sterilize your cup.

  • One method of sterilizing is to put the cup in a glass container of water and boil it in the microwave for 3-4 minutes on high.

  • Alternatively, boil your cup in a saucepan of water on a stove element on high for 2 minutes.

During your cycle rinse or wipe your cup thoroughly before inserting again.

Inserting your cup Wash your hands when inserting your cup. To insert a squat position is recommended. Fold your cup into a C shape (or any other folds) and insert. Make sure your cup is fully inserted. Menstrual Cups are placed slightly lower than tampons. You will know if inserted correctly as you will not feel discomfort. Some people like to cut the stem as it may be uncomfortable. For the first few attempts feel free to use pads and liners.

Technique: Sometimes your cup may not open fully once inserted. If a cup is not fully open it may leak. To avoid this:

  1. Pull the cup down slightly with the stem

  2. Let the air out by letting the cup open.

  3. Push the cup back in gently and slowly.

  4. Make sure the cup is fully open by running your fingers around the rim.

Changing times: Menstrual Cups can be changed every 4-8 hours depending on your menstrual flow. Changing is necessary to avoid leaks and maintain good hygiene. During your menstrual cycle you can rinse the cup and reuse. Be mindful of washing with soap as it can irritate your skin. Removing your cup : Wash your hands. Do not try to pull it. Push the cup out with the muscles of your pelvic floor. Press on its base, above the stem, grab it with two fingers on both sides and remove. If you do this correctly, you will not feel any discomfort or pain. Remove it, empty it, and clean.

End of your cycle Once you are finished a cycle and using the menstrual cup, sterilize (using the instructions in this manual), and put the cup back in its reusable packaging for your next menstrual cycle.

We hope this step-by-step guide will help you with your menstrual cup journey. Moraka Menstrual cups has you sorted! Got more questions? Email us at

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