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Menstrual cup sizes

It can be tricky or an amazing journey to find the cup suited to you. Finding the right-sized cup can take experiment and time. When I first started my menstrual cup journey I struggled to find a suitable cup (one of the reasons I started Moraka). Here is a quick guide to our sizes. Moraka offers size small and size large.

Size small: We suggest this cup to first-time users, those with a lighter flow, those with lower cervix or people who just prefer a size small.

Size large: We recommend this cup to people with heavier flow, those who have given birth or those with a higher cervix.

We cannot stress enough that comfort is the key to a menstrual cup. Remember that you should never feel your menstrual cup once inserted

How do you find your cervix level?

We have attached a diagram to show you how you can find your cervix position

The Cervix is the lower portion of the uterus. It's narrow and tubular in shape and connects the uterine cavity to the vaginal canal. The tip of the cervix can be seen from the inside of the vagina during exams and can be reached and felt by a fingertip.

Use the index or middle finger and slowly slide your finger in as far as you can reach, in sort of an upward motion. If you think of your vagina as a hallway, your cervix is the door at the end.

Some people find that their cups leak. This may be due to the size or shape or the cup. Simply order a size bigger or smaller.


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