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Are menstrual cups messy?

To my horror movie fanatics who saw Carrie before our period, we all were terrified when Carrie got her period for the first time. We were terrified of getting our period in public or being humiliated by other girls (pluck it up, pluck it up!). While the fear of getting your period is rooted in menstrual stigma and lack of knowledge we all know that periods aren't as messy as they are portrayed in films. Periods can be messier during your cycles (depending on your flow) but a menstrual cup can reduce the mess of your periods. Common misconceptions of menstrual cups include that menstrual cups are messier than disposable period products or splatter everywhere. Menstrual cups hold menstrual flow rather than absorb it and thereby collect the flow when inserted. Not only can menstrual cups be less messy but can you feel fresher and cleaner during your period.

Period blood is by no means dirty but we should not be constrained by pads and tampons. Some of us have busy lives (shoutout to my girl bosses and babes) who can't be changing pads and tampons every 1-2 hours. Due to the suction method of menstrual cups, the blood is held in the menstrual cup for 4-8 hours. The menstrual blood is held in the cup for 4-8 hours and can only leak if the cup overflows. Due to the suction method, the blood is not in direct contact with your vagina reducing your risk of TSS. While pads and tampons can cause rashes and dampness between your legs menstrual cups allow you to forget your period due to shortened changing times and the collection method.

When removing your menstrual cup is it vital you deflate the cup by squeezing the base. Moraka Menstrual Cups allow you to cut the stem however you see fit but we suggest you give enough stem to locate your cup. Simply deflate your cup and slowly remove on the toilet or shower to empty your blood. Before washing your cup in water simply get a wad of toilet paper and wipe it. For those in public bathrooms, we suggest you bring some wet wipes or a water bottle to clean your cup.

The key to having a little mess menstrual cup is to change and wash your cup regularly and make sure to get the air out of your cup rather than yanking your cup out (please do not yank your cup out).

Moraka Menstrual Cups provides a mess period product for people who do not like to touch blood or hate the mess of pads and tampons.

To my busy bees, I recommend menstrual cups for camping, swimming, busy days or when your favourite Netflix show is released and you are on a binge-watch session.

Messy free period with a menstrual cup.

Keywords: menstrual cups, periods, messy, blood, period equity.

Shuari Naidoo

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